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Natural Pet Cremation Services

Now there's a green alternative to Cremation: Natural Cremation from
Keystone Pet Cemetery! At Keystone Pet Cemetery we own and operate our
own state of the art Eco-Friendly crematorium for your peace of mind.

Our natural cremation unit does not use an open flame like a traditional
cremation unit. Instead it uses Alkaline Hydrolysis which combines water, high
pressure heat, and a potassium hydroxide base to dissolve the tissue to leave
behind only bone residue. This process is relatively quick, quiet, and best of all
leaves behind
ZERO EMISSIONS! Traditional cremation units use an open
flame and their emissions are the equivalent of a 500 mile car trip!

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Pet & Human Burial Services

Located in peaceful and serene Topton, PA is Keystone Pet Cemetery. The
3.5 acre pet cemetery is owned and operated by Keystone Pet Cemetery and
offers both private and communal burials. The tranquil setting makes it an
ideal place to lay your pet to rest in the peaceful countryside.

Keystone Pet Cemetery presently boasts over 3,500 pet burial plots making it
one of the largest Pet Cemeteries in the region. An on-site chapel is located
on the premises for viewings and to pay your final respects to your pet.

We are now pleased to offer Pet & Human* Burial Services. This means you
can now be buried alongside your beloved pet because we understand pets
are family too!

*Due to state law, only cremated human remains can be buried in our cemetery

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Natural Cremation Pet Urns

Keystone Pet Cemetery is a distributor of Natural Pet Cremation Urns to
professional Pet Loss Service providers. Our pet urns are an affordable and
ideal way to return pet cremains to your clients. Our selection of pet urns are
available in several different colors and sizes to match any size pet or decor.

For more information on our Pet Urns or to order online please
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