Now There's a Green Alternative to Cremation: Natural Cremation
For The Earth

Remaining after a Natural Cremation is only bone ash and sterile fluid. The bone ash, which is pure calcium phosphate, can be used in horticulture or
as a rinsing agent. The fluid is nutrient rich and is perfect for returning to the soil to help the Earth's vegetation grow.

For the Environment

The total carbon footprint of a Natural Cremation is 18 times less than that of a fire-based cremation. Versus a fire-based cremation, Natural
Cremation cuts natural gas usage by 90%, electricity usage by 66%, carbon dioxide emissions by 90%, and is 100% mercury-free.

For You

Most Importantly, YOU can rest assured that you supported THE RESPONSIBLE CHOICE with respect to cremation options. YOU will ensure dignified
closure with a

Why Natural Cremation?

Natural Cremation provides numerous environmental benefits in comparison to a standard fire-based cremation and saves you money. A standard
fire-based cremation releases many pollutants into the atmosphere, including carbon dioxide, dioxins, and mercury vapor. Additionally, each cremation
consumes as much gas and electricity as a
500 mile car trip. With cremation rates on the rise, continuing to perform fire-based cremations will be a
detriment to our Earth and future generations.

The Alkaline Hydrolysis process of a natural cremation not only reduces emissions and energy usage, but still keeps costs low versus a standard burial.
And, the only components remaining after the process benefit the earth, the family of the deceased, and others.

1. The sterile fluid, made up of salts, sugars, peptides, and amino acids, can be returned to the Earth to help plants and trees grow.

2. The bone ash can be returned to the family to be handled however they choose.

The question becomes not "Why Natural Cremation?", but "Why NOT Natural Cremation?"
How Does the Process Work?

Your pet contained in a dissolvable coffin is placed into a horizontal stainless steel
pressure vessel. The operator simply presses a single button on the touch screen to begin
the fully automated process. The integral load cells weigh the body and the appropriate
amount of water and alkali are added automatically to the vessel. The vessel is quickly
heated via steam to around 300ºF and the body will be resolved into its component

The entire process is complete in 2-3 hours. The Natural Cremation method accelerates
the natural decomposition process, using hydrolysis to sympathetically return the body to
ashes. Unlike traditional cremation, Natural Cremation is an environmentally sustainable
process, the bio-responsible option.
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